Our instructors

Our specialized instructors understand the connecting elements of Pilates, Cycle and Yoga better than anyone. They are true experts in their disciplines with a focus on core, flexibility, functional fitness and mobility - in both group and private personalized workouts.  Each one of them encourages you to Shyft… try something new, and enjoy the benefits: getting stronger, gaining peace of mind, recovering from an injury, relieving stress. Whether you are an athlete, dancer, golfer, or runner - what we do here makes you better everywhere.




Karen has over 12 years experience practicing Pilates and Yoga.  She has spent many more years exploring the fitness world and is amazed at the unique impact Pilates can make on a person’s physical and mental well being.  She is certified on both Mat and Equipment through PhysicalMind Institute in New York and the Pilates Method Alliance.  She is also Certified Barefoot Training Specialist through the Evidence Based Fitness Academy (EBFA). Karen has worked with a wide range of clients from marathoners and triathletes, to individuals recovering from injuries.  She enjoys helping clients at all levels of fitness achieve their personal goals and improve their quality of life.



Certified through PhysicalMind in New York in one of the most comprehensive certifications offered, Maura has been practicing for over 12 years.  After experiencing first hand how Pilates helped strengthen her core and in turn help relieve her back pain as well as improve overall fitness, she decided to become a Pilates teacher. She wants to pass on the benefits of this low impact mind-body exercise to anyone open to improving the way in which they move through life. 


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