shyft | pilates

The need to move never ends. What we serve to a 20 year-old body is what we serve to an 80 year-old body.  We are on this journey together. Group classes and one on one sessions available.

Our equipment includes:
Pilates reformers, Pilates Cadillac, Pilates chairs, Pilates tower, and Pilates mat.


Classes Offered: 

Cycle + Reformer: Our signature 60 minute Cycle+Reformer class combining power drills on the stationary bike for 30-min followed by a full body stretch and strength session on the Reformer!

Reformer - Mixed Level: Mixed-level class focusing on Pilates fundamentals and classic Reformer and Wunda Chair exercises.

Power Pilatesmat: Pilates Powermat challenges the core and stabilization of the trunk while strengthening and toning your arms and legs. This class challenges neuromuscular coordination by incorporating more complex choreography than a traditional matwork class. 

Reformer - Therapeutic: Therapeutic Reformer Class is for any client who has limited range of motion due to a recent injury, arthritis, hip or knee replacement, back issues, or anyone wishing to move at a slower pace. This class requires clearance from a doctor in order to attend. Please consult the instructor before beginning class.

Men's Strength + Flex: An all levels class focusing on exercises that especially benefit men. Equipment includes the Reformer and Wunda Chair exercises. 

Reformer - Off Peak: Mixed Level Group Reformer class at off-peak times, $15/class.